History of New Dresden


New Dresden, Mohegan was first colonized by land surveyors of the Northwest Territory in the late 1700s. Natives had been decimated by influenza and the remainder had been shipped off to Oklahoma many years ago. It was named after the hometown of the German settlers. During the civil war it served as a prison camp for confederate prisoners of war, draft riots breaking out during the last few years of the war. Industrialization brought growing pains during the turn of the century, and the Dregstown Political Machine was born from the many Irish laborers seeking better wages. Despite attempts at reform, private security firms such as the Pinkertons came down hard on the strikers and set back labor relations for many years. During the war it served as an arsenal for the nation, providing munitions and tanks, and the university provided aid in the Manhattan Project. It was during this time that there came an influx of blacks to the inner city as more and more prosperous vets began to move to the suburbs around the city, leading to further white flight and racial tension.