Human Nocker (1)

Having grown to accept the customs of the Nockers, Jason had enjoyed the ability to work on his creations. It was a long and difficult life to not swear every time he hit his thumb wrong, but the occassional slip-up would happen and whatever he had been working on would break from the venom that he almost literally spat. It was hard to sometimes finish one of the unique creations he had his mind set on when it would nearly constantly break from his words. The worst part was that he couldn't store the venom until he could safely release it into something similar to the Basilisk Stone.

As a result of his lot in life, the young man locked himself within the walls of his home for sometimes long periods of time to try and create something that could handle the venom and hatred that would sometimes spew forth. He had come close a few times but they has splintered within a day or two of being used. There were times that his family's golem would be forced to physically remove him from his workshop so that he would eat something and not fade away from existence.

It was difficult to argue with something that cared for its master and was made of clay. Not only was it fairly strong, it didn't help that sometimes Verok was weak from not eating or sleeping. Recently, he had given up and was no working on something to counter many of the other horrors that existed within the world he shared with mortals, mages, and the occasional demon that tried to tempt him. Mostly they were weapons rather than armor as he preferred to be on the offensive than the defensive.