Michael Wickham

Michael Wickham was born in Long Island towards the dawn of the nineteenth century. Wickham spent his years as a mortal in academic settings, where he developed an interest in the occult. His prodigious talent in the subject led to his embrace into Clan Tremere, where over his first six decades he earned a reputation as a talented Thaumaturge and controversial historian of Kindred.

As of the present, Michael Wickham is a newly-promoted Regent of Clan Tremere who has been sent to New Dresden to establish his clan in the city. Being a lifelong student of the occult as well as more traditional areas of study, Wickham is nominally a member of the research staff at Central University's Department of Ancient History, where he teaches the occasional night class. He also sometimes gives lectures in Kindred history for those unfamiliar with the topic (mostly neonates).