A Frigid Bastard's Known History

Early Life to Embrace;

Pyotr was born a peasant in life to a mother whom people called Yekaterina in Riga, Latvia; February in the year of 1639. He found out not long before embrace that the specific date was the 14th, but that of course comes much later. However her mother could barely feed him, much less both of them, so as he grew up he learned the arts of thuggery and thievery to support the both of them. He came home one day to find his mother being beaten and about to be raped by what appeared to be a relatively powerful man in the city, taking up a dulled meat knife and killing him while he was distracted. He was however too late to save his mother, and she died untended within a day, leaving her 13 year old son to the streets.

As he grew he became something of a cold-blooded Robin Hood, butchering the offenders he found of similar attacks ruthlessly, and he became very studious of the most effective ways to break them and force their remorse at the the end, and then take their precious resources after their lives. He gathered a few allies, and several enemies. One day not long after Pyotr had reached the age of 36 as he was tracking such a target, he was met with a pale scholar by the name of Volodin searching for the same mark. As such they decided to pool their information and quickly located him. Volodin slowed their target to a near standstill with some sort of awe inspiring power and, given Pyotr's reputation, allowed him the honors of finishing him off. It took what seemed to be hours of bludgeoning until the man's eyes sunk into the back of his head... and his body gradually faded to cinders and ash.

Not long after, Volodin took in Pyotr in as an apprentice and eventually shared his power with him in the Embrace. Volodin also offered himself up to empower his childe once his teachings were done, as was a tradition of his particular lineage. Thus Pyotr devoured his sire and took the power for his own... starting his unlife under the new surname of Avilov provided by his fallen mentor.